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Video Production

Octopus Films are a video production company from Sydney. We create professionally produced videos that open doors and close deals. Some of the projects we work on are: brand films, TV commercials, documentaries, TV programs, corporate videos, e learning content, voice overs, still photography, animations, short & long form web content, just to name a few.

studio film shoot sydney.jpg

Octopus Films can be involved in your video project as much or as little as you need. We can see projects through from concept to completion executing all aspects of your video production or we can come in and take care of just certain aspects.

Just need a 1AC, no problem we can organise one, or only need a script written, we got your back, need an entire camera department, we are on it!

sydney video production red camera.jpg

The Keys Steps of Video Production

Just in case you are not familiar with how it works here is a run down in its simplest form.


Kick off. Breifing


Pre Production, planning for success.


In Production. Execution of the grand plans stage 1.


Post Production. Editing, graphics, sound. Stage 2.


Celebrate a job well done and distribution.

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