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Fixing in Australia


Local knowledge is key to getting your project shot in a foreign land, in an efficient manner. We are based in Sydney Australia but we work across Australia with our network of production professionals Australia wide.

We do we help?

Film, TV and photographic producers, directors, production managers, advertising agencies, non Australian and interstate video production companies.

Some of the tasks we take care of:

Location Scouting

Talent & Model Scouting

Talent Booking

Transport & Logistics

Airport Pick Ups & Drop Offs


Catering & Crafty 

Language Interpreters

Film & Photography Permits


Rental Equipment


Fixer in Sydney.jpg

Who Have We Helped from Around the Globe in the Past?

Nippon TV - Momoto Variety Show TV Shoot in Perth Australia

Sony Japan - Sony TV Launch Shoot in Sydney Australia

KSTP TV - Minneapolis - Father of Justine Damond Interview in Sydney Australia

Hooper Productions UK - Silkari High End Property Development Shoot in Sydney Australia

River Films UK - Darlinghurst Property Development Shoot in Sydney Australia

VOX TV Germany - Sydney Tourism Shoot in Sydney Australia

Dentsu Thailand - Boy Band Stills Shoot for Hyundai at Fox Studios in Sydney Australia

CBC Canada - Interviews with Indigenous Affairs Professors in Sydney Australia

Casual Films USA - AMEX Company Culture Video in Brisbane Australia

Kindness USA - Amazon Recruitment Video in Sydney Australia

Crews Control - Multiple Shoots from Brand Films to Event Live Streaming around Australia

CAPA France - Interview and B Roll for Corporate Video in Canberra Australia

Friday Films USA - Corporate Annual Meeting Video Interviews in Sydney Australia

DEA Productions Italy - Aldi Socials Content Shoot in Sydney Australia

Turkish Government - G20 Summit TVC Shoot in Sydney Australia

New York Stock Exchange - Interview and B Roll, Communications Video Shoot in Sydney Australia

Immediation - Brand Video Content Shoot in Sydney Australia

Aveen - Brand Video Content & TVC Shoot in Sydney & Ulladulla Australia

Girvin Pictures USA - Sydney Establishers and Colour B Roll Shoot in Sydney Australia

Lemon Tree Media USA - Client Brand Film Shoot in Sydney Australia USA - Stills Shoot in Sydney Australia

Lostman's Creek Productions USA - FedEx Socials Content Stills & Video Shoot in Sydney Australia

Pankaj Batra, Director,  India - 2 x Bollywood Music Video Shot in Sydney Australia

Magnesium NZ - Wattyl Green Screen Shoot in Sydney Australia

Smooth Motion Media USA - Multiple Demolition & Construction Clients Shoots Around NSW

Zehntausendgrad Germany - Drone B Roll of Their Clients Premises in Canberra Australia

Otto Film Poland - Vanish TVC's x 4 Shot in Sydney Australia

And that is just a handful of them..

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