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What does a Film Producer do? 9 Key Responsibilities in Video Production


Are producers the glue that keeps the video production from falling apart? We think so!

Unlock the secrets behind video production by exploring the indispensable role of a film producer. From project development to distribution, these experts in video production handle a myriad of tasks to ensure a successful cinematic project. Let's delve into the top nine responsibilities of a film producer in the context of video production and their vital contribution to the filmmaking process.

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Film Producers come in all shapes and sizes

1. Project Development: Unearthing Gems in Video Production

As a cornerstone of video production, a film producer embarks on the quest for potential projects, identifying captivating screenplays, books, or concepts. With a keen eye for storytelling, they collaborate with writers and directors to shape the video's concept and bring it to life on screen. They also work with clients to bring a project to life whether it be a TVC, Corporate video, or a documentary, any kind of video production that may have landed on their desk. Many producers will specialise in certain genres like feature films where it is advantageous to do so.

2. Financing: Greenlighting Video Production

The backbone of any video project lies in securing financing. A skilled producer navigates the intricacies of funding, seeking financial support from film studios, production companies, investors, or through strategic co-productions.

3. Budgeting: Mastering Balance in Video Production

Creating a detailed budget is a critical aspect of video production. Producers expertly allocate resources to different aspects of production, ensuring the video stays on budget without compromising its creative vision.

4. Crew Assembly: Building the Dream Team for Video Production

Behind every successful video is a dedicated and talented crew. Producers play a pivotal role in hiring the right team, including directors, actors, cinematographers, production designers, and costume designers. Their negotiation skills ensure the best talents come on board.

5. Video Production Oversight: Smooth Sailing On Set

When cameras start rolling, the producer becomes the guiding force on the video production set. They oversee daily operations, ensuring a cohesive work environment and resolving any issues that may arise during production.

6. Legal and Administrative Expertise in Video Production: Navigating Legal Waters

From permits to copyright compliance, producers handle the legal aspects of video production. Their adeptness in managing administrative tasks ensures a smooth video production process.

7. Post-Production: Shaping the Final Vision in Video Production

After filming concludes, the producer works closely with the director, cinematographer, editors, sound designers, and visual effects artists during post-production. Their involvement ensures the final video aligns with the intended creative vision.

8. Marketing and Distribution: Bringing the Video to the Masses

A producer's job doesn't end with the final edit. Collaborating with marketing teams, they strategise and execute promotional efforts to create buzz around the video. Additionally, they negotiate distribution deals to secure widespread audience access.

9. Financial and Legal Management in Video Production: Balancing the Books

Throughout the entire video production process, producers closely monitor the financial aspects, ensuring financial transparency and accountability. They also handle contracts and legal agreements related to distribution and rights.


The film producer plays a central role in video production, shaping the project from development to distribution. Their expertise spans project development, financing, budgeting, crew assembly, production oversight, and post-production. With a deep understanding of the film producer's responsibilities in video production, you gain insight into the magic behind creating captivating visual stories on screen.

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