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Australian Visa Requirements for Film Crew

Film crew coming to Australia intending to work in the screen industry require a visa. The Australian Government's support for TV and film crew provides a simple and efficient process for obtaining the necessary working visas to be working and shooting in Australia. Productions are advised to employ local production companies who understand Australian processes and requirements related to the film industry here, and who may also be able to act as a sponsor for visa purposes. They will also be able to provide information, if they provide fixing and international production assistance, on what visa will be necessary for you film team members who you wish to bring to Australia to shoot. Visa applications will need to be made to: Department of Immigration and Border Protection Level 2, 26 Lee Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Tel: +61 2 8861 4302 Web: Furthermore local production companies have pre existing relationships with technical and creative crew and can usually secure better rates with service and production equipment suppliers. They will also be aware of the local regulations and procedures that may need to be followed to make your video production run smoother. Octopus Films can provide fixing, scouting, casting and general local production assistance for international productions coming to Australia to shoot.

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