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FS7 x 2 full kit soon to be updated to FX6. Tripods, cards, batteries, ect.



Fujinon MK t2.9Cine zoom set

Xeen 85mm t1.5 Cine Prime

Canon 24mm prime

Sony G 24-105 f4

Matt box and various filters

Follow focus



Ronin for FX6



Mavic Pro 2 (I fly with under 2kg exemption, will be getting licensed soon).

DJI Mini Pro 3



2 x flex mat soft boxes

3 x Apurture 60x

Apurture 300d and various light modifiers 

LED panel

Scrims and reflectors 



Rode radio mics x 2 sets

Sennheiser 416, cables, zeppelin.


2 x C stands

9 x light stands

4 x shot bags

Super lamps and other various grip gear


iPad autocue 


V locks, leads, boards

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