How to edit video on your iPhone 7 or older iPhone

How to edit video on your iPhone

The iPhone has changed the world. To think 20 years ago that we would be walking around with something in our hand that had this amazing processing power wouldn’t have been contemplated. The features of an iPhone have changed the way that we live and connect with each other.

One of the things that have just gotten better and better on every iPhone has been the camera. The image quality and definition has grown so that we can now take videos on an iPhone that will stand up against most other cameras on the planet in the present day. The quality of the camera on our phone has really meant that the compact digital camera and handheld camcorder have become obsolete and they are hardly bought or sold any more. This technology has taken over another in such a way that the portrait or vertical orientation of iPhone video’s have become more and more common on places such as You Tube, Instagram and other video sharing websites.

But to upload a video to one of these websites, to share it on your social media or to use it for any purpose you will probably want to edit your video. There will be parts that you may want to cut out or enhance and it can be difficult to know how to edit video on your iPhone. The best videos often need a bit of editing so they can show exactly what you want. This is our guide to getting the most from your iPhone video camera function by knowing how to edit video on your iPhone.

Let’s start with recording

The first thing you need to do is to take a video. This will quickly run you through the process of taking a video, so you have a video on your iPhone to edit. First launch the camera app on your iPhone. If you then swipe across (usually once to the right) then you access the video function. Press the Capture button (the big red button at the bottom) and it will start to record. If you want to focus on a particular part of the image being recorded then hold down your finger on that part of the screen and wait until you see the words “AE/AF Lock” and it will focus. To go back to manual focus then tap the screen once. When you have finished recording you can press the red Capture button again to stop the recording.

You now have a raw video to work with. Now if you want to use this video to upload somewhere then you may want to know how to edit video on your iPhone.

iphone video editing

Trimming your video

The most basic form of editing is trimming the video. This will involve making the video shorter or selecting the most relevant parts. To trim any video on your iPhone you must first go to the Photos app and open up the relevant folder. Then select the video that you want to trim. Along the bottom of the screen is a kind of filmstrip timeline of your video. Move your fingers along this to select the start and finish points of your video. This is particularly useful if you have a long video that you want to make shorter or if you had to wait some time for an event to happen. When you have started to move the anchors along the bottom of the screen then in the top right hand corner of your screen the word Trim appears.

At this point you can press the play button at the bottom of the screen and it will show you what you have selected. This is a great way to make sure that you have selected all the action that you want and omitted all the parts that you did not want. Use this to double check that you have got your video just the way you want it.

Once you are satisfied that you have got the start and finish of your clip in the right place then click on Trim. The iPhone will give you the option of-

  • Trim Original

  • Save as New Clip

If you want to keep only the new trimmed video then select the first option. If you want to keep both the original and the new trimmed version then select the second option. You now have a video that will contain what you want so you can upload to You Tube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or share with your friends and family. You have learned now how to trim a video which is the first step on your road to gather the knowledge of how to edit video on your iPhone.

You now have an edited version of the original content that you recorded. If you are recording a video on your iPhone of a sporting event or your mates being stupid or anything g then you don’t always get the perfect content from start to finish. There is often a little wait at the beginning and then sometimes a tail at the end when something extra might happen but actually does not. This way of editing the video to only include the parts that really matter is a great method to make sure that what you end up with is really interesting video content. Nobody really want to sit through a few minutes of waiting before seeing what they want from your video, so ensure that you can trim it to only show the good stuff.

Sharing content

Once you have edited a video then I’m sure that you will want to share it. The edited video will be ideal to share with friends, upload to video sharing websites or to email to people that you want to see it. If you’ve taken the time to edit it then you should share it with people to see what they think.

Select the video you want to share by selecting the Photos app and then clicking through to the one you’ve edited. And then you can tap on the Share button in the bottom left corner of the screen. It looks like a small box with an arrow coming up out of it.

Once you have tapped this button then you have several options available to you. From here you can select how you want to share the video. There are different options depending on what model of iPhone you have and what version of IoS that you use. It can be-

  • Via a message

  • By email

  • Upload to You Tube

  • Share on Facebook

  • Upload to Vimeo

  • Use in a message on Messenger

  • AirDrop to others with an Apple device nearby

You can also upload the video to other sharing sites such as Twitter and Instagram if you change the settings on your iPhone or upload from directly in the app for these websites.

Using apps to edit video

When you know the basics of how to edit video on your iPhone then sometimes you want to be able to do a little more. There are choices of apps available that will allow you to edit more than just the length of the video. You can look on the App Store and find apps such as-

  • Spice

  • Video Editor Free

  • Video Editor Music

  • Video Editor +

  • ClipTrim

  • Quik

  • And many others

Some of the video editors available

Video editing apps

Some of the video trimmers available

video trimming apps

These will allow you to do more than just change the length of your video. They will give you access to many other free tools that will help turn your simple video into something a little more interesting. You can add music to your video so the background noise is more interesting. There are royalty-free music excerpts that you can still use if you upload your video to sites such as You Tube and want to monetise them to earn a little income from the video. This means that if you have a video with no sound you can easily add that to give your viewers something a little more engaging.

You can add text over the video to help explain what is going on. This is ideal if you want to let people know who is in the video or where it was shot. Every piece of information that you can give the viewer will help immerse them in your video. This is what happens when you know how to edit video on your iPhone.

You can even add a narration over the video (voice over) so that you can explain to the audience exactly what is going on. This is fantastic way to add human interest to your video as the viewers will hear your voice, over your video. Let them know what is going on and they will want to return to see more of what you have produced. If you are sending the video to people then they will really appreciate these visual or verbal prompts to let them know what is happening. This is where you can go now you have learned how to edit video on your iPhone. Good luck and we hope you enjoy this creative process.

The top 5 free video editing apps from google

Top 5 free video editing apps

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