How to download video and photos from my iPhone for Mac and PC

We’ve all been there. You take it with you wherever you go and capture some great video and images on your iPhone that you want to keep forever and share with the world.

Video and still images are easy to take on your iPhone and the flexibility of using your phone to shoot a video or a still, whether it is short or a little longer, means that you will inevitably end up with a lot of media. It feels like it should be a simple process to download your videos and photos from your iPhone to your Mac or PC but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Fear not, I am here to give you assistance and here is my guide on how to download video from your iPhone for Mac and PC.

Using a Mac to download your photos and video from your iPhone

The first step is to connect your iPhone to your Mac with the USB cable that you use to charge your iPhone with. Plug one end into the USB port of your Mac and the other into your iPhone so you are ready to go.

Once you have done this the Image Capture app may automatically open to set you away with downloading video and images from your iPhone to your Mac. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen automatically because you can do this yourself. If it hasn’t opened for you then simply go to your applications folder in finder and open the Image Capture app.

As see on the mac dock (when dock is on the left side).

As seen in the applications folder.

Don’t be fooled, it says image capture but you can move your video and still shots across to back up them up with this one app.

Once you have connected your iPhone to your mac you will see the connected device in the side bar.

In the main window you will see all of the photos and videos that are present on the iPhone you have connected.

Now is the time to set the folder that will store of your digital media.

Go to the “import to” drop down box at the bottom left of the Image Capture window.

Click the arrow to drop the menu down and click “other” this is right at the bottom of the options. Then you select the folder where you want the still image and video to go to. Ideally, once you have got all your photos and video in this folder, you will back up all of your precious media.

Now all you need to do is simply click on the Import tab at the bottom right of the app. Now you are ready for the next step in your quest to get your videos and still photos saved on your Mac and ready to use, view and share.

If you want all of the videos and images that you have taken on your iPhone since the last download then click the button marked Import All. This will make sure that you are up to date by downloading all of the photos and video since you last did a download on your Mac. The app will only import the new media if you have already downloaded your images and videos to your mac and will not make duplicates so feel free to click import all here.

You can now disconnect your iPhone from your Mac safe in the knowledge that the photos and videos have been stored on your Mac and you can access them should you want to look at them again, share them with friends or make any edits to them.

Set up iCloud photo library

You can automatically get all your media from your iPhone straight to your Mac if you set up the iCloud photo library and sign in with the same account. This feature will get all of your photos and videos automatically across all your devices without having to connect them physically.

On your iPhone you can find the setup in your Settings tab under the title iCloud.

Once you have clicked on this then you need to select Photos and turn on the library when prompted. When you have done this then turn to your Mac. You need to click on System Preferences. Next to Photos is the button marked Options and here is where you will find the iCloud Photo Library.

Select this and then you will find all of your photos and videos from your iPhone will automatically appear in the photo library on your Mac. It couldn’t be easier to make sure that you can download video from my iPhone for Mac.

Using a PC to download your photos and video from your iPhone

Although your PC isn’t an Apple product it is still an easy process to download video from your iPhone to your PC if you know how. At first these things can be a bit of a maze so this guide will talk you through step by step how to get the video from your iPhone to your PC. Once you have done this a few times and know how you will find it easy to do in the future.

First connect your iPhone to your PC with the USB cable that you use to charge the iPhone. Place one end in the iPhone and her other in a USB port on your PC. You will usually find these on the back of your PC. You will then get the message on your iPhone asking whether you Trust This Computer. Obviously you need to state that you do trust it to be able to connect and access your videos.

Your PC will show up all of the videos and photos from your iPhone so you can download them and get to work with these videos. Whether you want to save them for later viewing or share them with friends (maybe via social media) then you the first step here is to get them downloaded to your PC.

You have the choice to make here on the photos and videos that you want to download-

If you just want one video then select just that one video and click choose the folder that you want to save it to. I suggest that maybe you save it on your desktop to begin with so you know exactly here to find it. This will download your single video to your PC.

If you want more than one video then highlight the ones you want and then all you have to do is save this multiple selection to a folder and you will get your selections to your PC.

This gives you control over the number of videos you are downloading. This is helpful for the first few times you try this so you can practice without having the worry that you might lose all of your videos if you so something wrong – of course if you follow the steps outlined in this guide then you will have no problems in this area! This is the perfect way to download videos from your iPhone to your PC without stress and worry.


If you follow these steps outlined above and are still having issues with downloading your photos and videos to your Mac or PC then there are some simple steps to follow that might help you. Always check your devices for updates. Some of the software connections might not work if you are using different versions of operating systems so this is a great place to start.

Simply trying again might resolve an one-off issue that happened the first time but was more of a glitch than an underlying issue. If you don’t get success the first time then reset everything and have another go. This can sometimes get your videos downloaded to your PC or Mac even if it did not happen the first time.

If you have access to more than one computer and more than one device then you can try out different combinations to see if there is a problem with either your iPhone or your computer. If you can get your video download working on one device then you may find that there is some unresolved issue on your iPhone. If this is the case then you may need to check out the Apple help pages or take your iPhone to your nearest Apple store for help.

I hope that you enjoyed my guide on how to download video from my iPhone for Mac and PC. It can appear to be a tricky task to begin with especially if you are new to Apple and its operating systems. But once you have followed my step by step guide a few times you will be a master of the video download in no time. You will then have your videos available on your PC or Mac to use in whatever way you wish.

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