How to update your Sony FS7 firmware

Updating your Sony FS7 to the most up to date firmware is a simple task. Follow the steps below.

1. Get and SD card that is anywhere between 2 and 32 GB and a minimum of class 4 to class 10, must not be a UHS type card.

2. Download the latest FS7 firmware from here:

3. Format your SD card in the FS7.

4. Plug in the FS7 to mains power, if a battery runs out during the update you may end up with a frozen camera so also attach a battery in case of a mains power outage in your area.

5. Unzip the folder that you downloaded.

6 Copy across the file that ends with the .bin file extension and only that file to the SD card. That should be the only file on the card and there should not be any folders on the card.

7. Put the SD card in the camera.

8. Go to the wrench or spanner menu and then to version, there you will see a version up option, select that and then select execute.

10. Wait for the camera, about 10 mins to complete the version update process.

11. Get out there and shoot some stuff.

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