Linked In profile header art template

Linked In now provide premium members to upload a large cover art header to their profiles much in the same way YouTube and Facebook do. The opportunity to have this cover art there is a great way to help advertise your business and should not be wasted.

Here is an example that shows the cover art on my premium account on Linked In.

LinkedIn premium profile page

Unfortunately LinkedIn's recommended size for the cover art is a little different to the size you should be using. It will crop out some parts of your background if you dont use the size we have provided here which is 1600px X 800px at 72dpi.You can grab the images below or you can download the photoshop PSD file here DOWNLOAD FILE FROM DROPBOX.

LinkedIn cover art template


  • Make sure your cover art is under 4MB.

  • Do not add anything that you want visible in the dark blue areas.

  • In the light blue areas, you can still add elements, but try not to add anything important. These parts may not be seen on some screen sizes.

  • Linked In will give you the ability to adjust the postioning of the cover art once it is uploaded, just before you save it

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