How to find YouTube statistics

YouTube analytics provides many statistics that show all sorts of data about your video content that lives on YouTube.

First go to, then sign into your YouTube account. The next step is to click on the My Channel link on the top right of the navigation side bar. If you don't see the navigation bar click on the drop down icon next to the YouTube logo ( seen in red on the screen grab to the left ).

We are based in Sydney Australia so our Octopus Films YouTube account shows the YouTube logo with an AU after it but this process is the same across YouTube worldwide.

The next step is to click on the video manager link which can be found just above your YouTube cover art just off to the left of the centre of the page. The screen grab below shows where it is on our page.

Once you have clicked through to the video manager the next page YouTube will show you is the creator studio. On this page there are links to various channel setting and controls. To get to your YouTube statistics you need to click the analytics tab which is located in the left hand navigation bar as shown on the screen grab below.

And that is it. The page you see now will have many links to check out which shows you many facts and figures regarding your YouTube video content. The YouTube analytics is very comprehensive with the ability to see who is watching your video marketing content, for how long they are watching it, where they are from and how they landed on your YouTube channel or video page.

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