2000 fps Full HD camera

Octopus Films have recently got a hold of a video camera capable of 2000 frames per second and the results are great. The Photron Fastcam BC2 HD is not very sexy to look at and the camera body alone weighs over 7 kilograms so the kit is a bit of a slog to get around. Definitely not a run and gun camera.

As you can see it just looks like, and is, a heavy metal box with a spot to attach a lens. The image to the left shows the Photron fitted with a Zeiss 85mm f 1.4 stills lens but it has a range of mounts to accommodate almost any lens.

Shooting at 2000 fps means that a shutter speed of at least one two thousandth of a second in required which in tern means a lot of light is needed to get good exposure. The light source needs to be considered also because many sources can cause flicker across the image. Shooting outdoors is ideal or using LED light sources, 5k + tungsten or HMI with flicker free ballast.

We are renting out this camera and lens package (Zeiss 50mm and 85mm f 1.4) with an operator for $2400 per 10 hour day. We have done some research on high speed camera hire in Sydney and found that the Phantom high speed cameras are available for about $4500 p/d so we have priced our package for just under half that rate.

Check out the clip below of Coke falling out of a can at 1000 fps. This macro shot was shot outdoors and just lit by natural light supplemented with reflectors.

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