Football player green screen video shoots

We Recently shot two green screen shoots here in Sydney with two different football teams from two different codes of football. Both shoots involved shooting video of the entire teams on green screen and the video will be used as player intoductions to the crowds at the games on the big screens in the stadiums.

We shot the Waratahs for Clear Concept Productions and the Manly team for director Brendan Lasker. The video footage for both shoots will have the green screen backgrounds removed and have background elements placed in during the post production process.

NSW Waratahs green screen copy.jpg

Waratahs player Sekope Kepu poses for his stadium big screen player video introduction.

We shot the Waratahs in their office board room which just had enough ceiling room for us to get the lighting to where it needed to be and just enough depth and width to be able to seperate the subjects and the background. Being a boardroom that had great blinds we were able to make the room quite dark and light the players just with our lights.

Manly Sea Eagles green screen.jpg

Manly Player David Williams posing for his stadium big screen player video introduction.

The shoot with the Manly Sea Eagles was at the Australian Institute of Sport in Narrabeen on the indoor basketball court there which gave us a very large space to shoot in but also meant we had to deal with stray daylight coming into the room. With the space being so big with lots of windows it would have taken a lot of time and resources to black out the windows and skylights.

Lighting for the two shoots was very similar. For the Waratahs we had two daylight balanced fluro lights in softboxes lighting the background and for Manly we lit the green screen backdrop with two 4 bank fluro lights with diffusion on them.

For the back light on the Waratahs we used two Kinoflo Diva lights with daylight tubes in them which were flagged with floppies as the Waratahs art director wanted the players to step forward towards the camera out of the darkness. The two Kinoflo Divas were placed slightly higher than head level and off camera to the left and right (you can actually see the floppies just in shot to each side which will be taken out in post production).

The backlight for the Manly players was one tungsten balanced (not gelled)Arri 650w fresnel light placed directly behind and high above the green screen. The director wanted a warm look to the backlight which we gave him.

The subject key light for the Waratahs was a 150w Dedo light gelled to daylight as the key and another dedo as the fill.

The subject key light for the Manly team was a Lowel Rifa (one of our favourite lights) gelled to daylight. Not fill was used and we actually put a negative fill card on the shadow side as the basketball stadium had a lot of light filling it anyway and acting as our fill light.

Both shoots were done using the Canon C100 shooting ProRes 422 to an Atomos Ninja 2 with a 50mm lens.

Manly green screen.JPG

Director Brendan Lasker looking at the monitor while Manly player Brayden Wiliame posing for his stadium big screen player video introduction.

The video to date has not been through the post production process so we are unable to show the end results but we will try and post some still photos or video clips soon.

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