Dannii Minogue, Target instore & online videos 4k shoot

The AJF Partnership advertising agency recently commissioned Octopus Films to shoot a series of promotional and online videos for their client Target.

Danni Minogue has a petite line of clothing in Target and they wanted the promotional videos to add to their advertising assets for the launch of the new seasons fashions.

We shot the videos with two cameras, the Sony FS 700 and the Canon C300. We used the FS 700 because the client wanted some behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot that was also happening in the studio shot in slow motion and we could also shoot 4k. We were on a strict time allowance and had to shoot the pieces to camera and overlay or b-roll for the promo videos in about 2 hours.

Dannii was given the information she needed to relay to the camera and was told to deliver it "in her own words" so we shot 4k footage for the main camera and used the C300 as a second camera off to the side at about a 45 degree angle. This gave us the opportunity in post production to either punch in on the 4k footage or cut to the second angle from the C300. Approaching the promo video shoot in this way was a great time saver and meant that we did not need to shoot the pieces to camera multiple times to get the footage needed to cut the promo video.

We find 4k footage used in this manner is very handy and gives the ability to zoom in in post production quite a lot when videos will be edited in 1920 x 1080.

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