Swimsuits for all still photo shoot.

During mid January 2015 we at here at Octopus Films Sydney received a request to help produce a large stills photo shoot for a company called swimsuits for all. Swimsuits for all are based in New York and they manufacture and sell online swimsuits for plus sized women. They wanted to shoot in Sydney because one of their designers is from Sydney and they needed somewhere much warmer than New York in January - February to shoot at.

swimsuit photography.jpg

The crew coming out from the US included the photographer, his assistant, a stylist and two representatives from Swimsuits for all one of which was the art director. Octopus Films was asked to provide extra crew to complete the team for the photo shoot and we got together a tight team which included a pre production manager, production manager, hair stylist, make up artist, digital technician, second photographers assistant and a runner.

During pre production we put forward beach locations for the shoot by sourcing images from google and driving out to locations and taking pictures and provided maps for the client to look at so they understood any logistical challenges we may be facing.

 international fixing.jpg

We also location scouted around Sydney for a private residence with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean which we did find a few of but none that fitted the clients requirements. We also put forward Bondi Iceburgs pool area as a location which the client loved and we were able to book a morning shoot there for four hours. The other locations we sourced, booked and gained permits for were Camellia Gardens, Darook Park and Cronulla and South Cronulla beach.

We also took care of all the transport for the models and crew that were US Based. We rented two Mitsubishi Pajero’s and one Hyundai delivery van to get the crew and the still photo equipment to each location in comfort. The US Based cast and crew stayed at Quest Cronulla Beach which is a great hotel if you are wanting to get a room right by Cronulla Beach with lots of cafes and restaurants around it and they gave us a great rate for the group business booking.

The photographer had a lot of gear with him that cost a lot to bring all the way from the US which cost a lot in excess baggage but we did hire in some gear for him, they stylist and the crew in general. Bulky things like a Canon 200mm F2 lens, Scrims, reflectors, coolers, tables, tents, chairs rolling clothes racks and heavy things like shot bags and two honda generators to power computers, hair dryers, steamers and lights all things you need for a big shoot with a crew of 15. Glad they had the delivery van.

photo shoot, international fixing 3.jpg

The art director, stylist, stylists assistant and the client organising the swimsuits for the next shots. We provided the tent, tables, chairs steamer and clothes racks seen in this shot.

The weather unfortunately was not very nice for the three days they shot here in Sydney but we only got minimal rain and the photographer got some great images.

photo shoot, international fixing 2.jpg

photo shoot, international fixing 1.jpg

The photographer, model, make up artist, stylist, hair stylist and two assistants getting shots done on Cronulla beach.

Stay posted and we will try and get some images from the shoot posted that the photographer shot during the three days in Sydney.

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