Jeep shoot in country Victoria

We recently spent three days in the quite Victorian country town of Bright. Nestled in amongst pine tree plantations and rolling hills Bright is a great place to photograph cars.

We were invited along to shoot video of the new Jeep range and in particular the Diesel version of the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and the wrangler. Bright really turned on the weather for the two main shoot days (the last day was set aside for post and uploading of the images and video footage to USB sticks).

We shot the footage on the Canon C300 and Canon C100 while using a Ninja 2 recorder so we could have Pro Res 422 files right on the SSD drive and save time in post production.

Jeep put on this event as a PR exasize and they invite along around 25 journalists from car magazines and the like to come and drive the cars. Those journalists leave the event with images, shot by Peter Watkins, and footage, shot by Adam Dodd of Octopus Films Sydney, with which they then go off to use to make stories about the new Jeeps.

We have done quite a few of these shoots along side Pete and they always prove to be fast paced big days but still fun none the less. Below we have attached some still images from Pete, some frame grabs of our video and some behind the scenes shoots.

Some of Petes still photos of the cars.

Some frame grabs of our video footage.

And finally some behind the scenes images.

The Cherokee on the hill top over looking Bright. Canon C100 set up on the Phillip Bloom Kessler pocket dolly and Miller tripod.

Not a bad HDR shot for an iPhone 4s shot. Again on top of the hill over looking Bright.

Adam Dodd with the Canon C100 set up on the Phillip Bloom Kessler pocket dolly and Miller tripod in between passes by the Jeeps. Two minutes before this shot there was a very large black snake in this area.

Safety first, the Canon C100 strapped in and ready to move to the next location.

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