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Recently we have been shooting on the Red Epic Dragon which we have hired in Sydney. We have only shot twice with it so far but we are very impressed. Both shoots we have done have been outdoors, the first during an overcast day on Sydney’s Southern outskirts. The second during bright sunny weather in Sydney’s CBD and outer West.

With the Red Epic Dragons claimed 16.5 stops of Dynamic range out doors in sunny conditions is were it really shines. We have not done our own tests on the dynamic range of this camera but we find it to be one of the best cameras out there for coping with full sun and shade high contrast conditions.

The slow motion is great but you need a lot of light to use it especially at the higher frame rates, not a problem during day light hours but could be an issue in low light interiors. One thing we don't like about it is the workflow in post production as we found it to be time consuming and you need a lot of hard drive space for the files it creates. The camera is also heavy and power hungry, not surprising for a camera that has a 6k sensor.

Octopus Films Sydney has secured a great deals for daily rental rates for the Red Epic Dragon so if you need a camera that is about as good as digital cinema cameras get at the moment drop us a line. The Red Epic Dragon kit comes with a Satchler heavy duty tripod, 512 GB card, two v lock batteries and the Red 5 inch monitor. Also available is a 12ft Kessler motorised slider and the Ronin gimbal at an extra cost.

With our rates for shooting with the Red Epic Dragon we provide an operator, focus puller / camera assist and if using the Ronin and or motorised slider we also provide a second assistant. We provide the extra hands as it means you can get a lot more shots done during a days filming.

The fashion shoot.

This image is from our first shoot with the Red Epic Dragon which was a fashion shoot. This image is a still frame grabbed from the 5k video footage. We took it into Adobe Lightroom 5 to colour grade the flat picture style original image. It has been downsized to fit on our website and when viewed at 5k it has amazing detail. The lens used was a canon 70-200 2.8 L IS. The model was scrummed off with a one stop diffusion and we had a white bounce on the right side as close as we could get it without being in shot and a white bounce under her face as close as we could get it.

Here a few behind the scenes images from the fashion shoot.

The Bollywood music video shoot.

Photos caption: These still frame grabs are from our second shoot with the Red Epic Dragon which was an Indian “Bollywood” music video shoot. Not your typical Indian music video with all the fan fare just a simple shoot around Sydney with the Artist and one or two actors. We had great weather during this shoot and plenty of sun so we really got to see how the Red Epic Dragon would cope with the harsh Australian sun (we were worried at one point when the mercury hit around 35 Celsius during on of the days that the Red Epic Dragon might pack it in, but it stayed operational no problem).

Again we used Canon L series lenses, the 70-200 f2.8L and the 24mm f1.4 L, ohh and we did do one or two shots on a Zeiss 50mm f1.4 too. We shot most of this project at the 5k HD as the director wanted to shoot in a 16:9 aspect ratio at 24 and 48 frames per second.

Here is a behind the scenes image from the music video shoot.


UPDATE #2: Here is the full clip:

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