YouTube and the new best practice guidelines.

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine with users searching things like how to copy and paste in Final Cut Pro to how to photograph a car.

YouTube provides excellent insights into what works on the site and how to engage deeper with your target market and build your brands following. The YouTube creators hub has some light reading and watching for people or businesses, like us here at Octopus Films Sydney, who create video content. When we say light reading, we mean not so light, there is a lot of information in there to get through but worth the while if you have the time to invest.

YouTube has recently made some additions to the users manual and it has a focus on video content that gets played through to the end of the video clip.

Key points to the additions are:

  • Creators should focus on uploading interesting content that keeps the viewer engaged to the end.

  • Use relevant thumbnails for your videos – viewers are more likely to watch the whole video if it's something they chose rather than were tricked into watching.

  • Read the "Captivate Your Audience" section of the YouTube users manual for great audience retention tips.

  • Embedded videos have Watch Time, encourage followers and subscribers to share.

If your business is wanting to create YouTube or web video content talk to us here at Octopus Films Sydney. We are YouTube and video marketing content production specialists.

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