How to give your video editor guidance.

Video editing is a tedious process and giving your video editor a accurate and clear brief is vital to save you billable hours. The picture on this blog is a guide on how to make a "paper edit" which is a list of the shots you want included in your edited video clip.

Video editors need accurate in and out points and it is also handy, if you are giving them in and out points for an interview to include the first few words that proceed your in point, that way the editor knows exactly where the in point should be.

Once you have your in and out points then just make a coloum that indicates where that shot will go in the actual edit. Here is an example.

Joe Blogs edit.

In Out Words Position in edit

00.55 01.10 Blah blah blah 1

01.25 01.37 Blah blah blah 3

02.22 02.41 Blah blah blah 2

The picture with this post shows where the "timecode", the counter that counts up in hours, minutes, seconds and sometimes frames per second is usually located. Remember timecode logging accuracy is key!!

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