Octopus Films know film production AND still photo production. We know what elements need to come together to make your still photo or video shoot run as smooth and efficiently as possible. International clients often come to us for help co producing shoots in Sydney and around Australia. We have great relationships with the top photo and video rental houses in Australia and if it exists we can most likely get our hands on it for you.


We get that all projects are different and we can source you crew of all levels and budgets. From runners, photographic assistants, stylists, make up artists, one man band lighting cameramen to award winning directors, photographers, producers and cinematographers. Any crew on almost any budget.


As co producers and or service providers providers in your project we work hard to ensure your project meets deadline and budget requirements.


Check out a handful of our case studies below and see how we have helped other projects come to Australia to shoot.






OTO Films from Poland asked us to co produce a 3 day shoot Vanish television commercial for them as they were trying to cast the commercials in London but were not having any success. We supplied the following crew and services.


Services: Casting, candidate pre directors reference filming, pre production, crew sourcing and booking, carpet cutting professionals, post production accounting


Crew: Gaffer, sound recordist, art director, first AC, pre production manager, in production manager, runner


Equipment: Sony FS7, Full lighting truck, Directors monitor


Props: Carpet, vaccum cleaners, brooms, small brooms and dust pans, material to re create stains


Other: Client transport 12 seater van, catering


Sydney Film Production Asssitance
Sydney Line producer
Sydney Production Company

For the castings the OTO Films producer, Marcin asked us to find 15 potential candidates. This was difficult as they had to meet strict criteria such as: Must be an advocates of the product. Must be female 25 to 45. Must NOT be an actor or be involved in the media industry, must have children and pets.


To be sure that the shortlisted ladies were the right fit for the project the producer asked us to go and film each casted candidiate doing a short product demo and over 3 days we shot clips for the director to make his final choice from.


Australian Line producer
Australian Film Production Asssitance

Within 5 days of seeing the casting reels the Polish crew had landed into Sydney and we went right into production. The director and producer were very happy with the ladies we found to do the testimonials and told us that they were the best casted people they had filmed which was great as they had filmed the same product with ladies from 10 countries.

Sydney Film Fixing
Australian Production Assistance


Swim suits for all wanted to bring their catalouge still photo shoot to Sydney for a change of scenary and because two of the models reside in Sydney so the asked us to be local photographic producers for them. We helped them with the following.


Services: Location scouting, equipment sourcing, crew sourcing and booking, accomodation sourcing and booking, post production accounting, transport for overseas crew and models, acquired location permits


Crew: Stylist assistant, pre production manager, in production manager, runners, digital tech, photgraphic assistant, make up artist, hair stylist


Equipment: Canon lenses, generator, scrims, various studio flashes, tables and chairs, coolers, clothes racks, gear transport buggies and carts, ladders, beach umbrellas, first aid kit


Props: Clear see through canoe(yes, they exisit)


Other: Client transport 12 seater van, catering




Photo Shoot International Fixing 2
Swimsuit Photography

CPS Productions from Istanbul, Turkey approached us to first off all help them cast an Australian actor for the TVC they were producing and then film the content with a iconic Australian background.


Services: Location scouting, casting


Crew: Cinematographer, assistant,


Equipment: Canon 7D mk2, Zeiss 50mm lens, Zeiss 24 mm lens


Props: Cello case


Casting: We source our talent from a local database and gave the director around 50 woman to choose from then we put forward wardrobe and location options. Once the director chose the talent and wardrobe we spent one hour shooting the action which was basically the talent walking up to camera shot with a 24mm lens and a 50mm lens.