At Octopus Films Sydney we offer video production, still photography, video post production, motion graphics and 3D rendering services in Sydney. We can deliver turn key complete services looking after every detail or we can provide just a small component of your video, photographic or computer generated image project. Octopus Films can supply full camera crew, all technical equipment and highly professional experts in video production, photography or computer generated graphics. 


Our projects span across the sports, automotive, marine and fashion industries, creative advertising, TV projects, web delivered projects and immersive documentaries. 

Octopus Films can provide as little or as much as you need for your video production. From producers to directors to sound and image capture experts, our team of industry leading professionals are on call to provide you with the skills needed to pre produce, organise and execute your shoot to the highest possible standards. We match the crew and the equipment to met the requirements of your production and fit within your budget.


Generally we provide the following services for video production:

* treatment writing

* script writing

* storyboards

* casting

* producing

* directing

* audio capture

* image capture

* crew placement

* studio or location booking and or scouting

We are not limited to the above and we can and do take on other roles as needed.


We can provide production crew for TV shows, promotional videos, corporate videos, product videos, interviews, green screen shoots, TVC production, company overview videos, tutorial videos and location and studio shoots.

The Octopus Films post production team are seasoned editors who work efficiently and creatively hand to hand with the design team.


Our editors work on a variety of non linear video editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and Avid.


Generally we provide the following for video post production:

* directing

* post story producing

* motion graphics

* audio post

* image grading

* formatting & delivery


We provide editors for TV show editing, promotional video editing, corporate video editing,cinema commercial editing, television commercial editing, event coverage editing, internal communications editing, YouTube and web editing, TV show pilot editing and general editing.

Our photographers stem from many areas of expertise including but not limited to fashion, food, celebrity, film & TV unit still photography, auto, marine and sports. We can also produce your shoot for you looking after every detail from booking rental gear to location scouting to organising catering. We provide photographers for event coverage photography, food photography, product photography, TV unit still photography, fashion photography, car photography, corporate portrait photography, marine photography & general photography.

Octopus Films can produce computer generated images or CGI for your business as either still or motion images. Do you need corporate animated video or product 3D renders? Our team have an eye for detail and can work on a tight turn around.


We skilfully use Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D Max to bring bright and creative ideas to life.


28 Cranberry St

Loftus, NSW, 2232


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